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Alkimii's Journey started out of necessity.


Ronan Mcauley (CEO) had worked as the the head of technology for one of the largest hotel chains in Ireland for 20 years but he wanted to move onto bigger things, having noticed an opportunity  in 2007 to make a name for himself in the hotel industry he took a chance and bought a small hotel in Meath, Ireland.  Unfortunately for Ronan, the market crash was just around the corner. 


In 2008 no one was staying in hotels, the industry was tanking and I had to do something quick. 

Ronan coming from a tech & hotel industry background began looking at ways to enhance his business. Starting with what he knew best software management systems. He looked at what was already out there, and decided to buy the best systems on the market for each department of the hotel, and for a while these worked. However Ronan quickly realised that there was an problem. The softwares didn't communicate. Ronan was spending money and countless hours turning all of the softwares information into useful data. 

After doing some research, It became clear to Ronan, that there was only one option. To make his own.


Ronan started out by learning how to code at a basic level, and understand how the system should work in order to run a hotel. He spent all of his spare time working on this to get the system up and running with the help from his brother and a friend.  He implemented the system within his own hotel and it began working immediately, but Ronan knew he needed to  push this further. 

in 2014 Ronan began working with a graphic designer / coder to develop the first real version of what he would later call Alkimii. This was quickly taken on by one of the largest hotel groups in Ireland known as Dalata, and has been running their system ever since.


In 2016, Alkimii began development of version 2, The goal was to update current features as well as add new ones while changing the look of Alkimii to be more streamlined.


Alkimii is currently in over 60 hotels across Ireland and the UK, and growing fast with new clients coming on every day. 

How Alkimii Started

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