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Alkimii Team

Your people in one place


Using biometric forms of communication, Alkimii allows you to keep track of your business.

Detailed records of staff profiles. Features to make rostering easy weekly rosters, daily clocks and Team Reports all in one.

A HR application which manages compliance within your business along with Payroll Management

Dedicated to development and progress, Alkimii will transform your hospitality business

Cloud based software which allows you to carry your work everywhere so you will never miss a lead

Our Products

All our products were created based on the Hospitality Industries wants and needs. We combine all the departments of your business to allow you to move forward as a whole.

Installation Process

Alkimii is designed to integrate into your existing database. Installation is a smooth & carefully designed procedure.The process of Configuration, Installation & Training takes 2 days. 

Alkimii Revenue

Revenue made easy 

Track your sales and payroll costs with comprehensive real-time data 



Alkimii have formulated a successful implementation model which reduces the interruption of the hotel operations and focuses on the simplicity of the product use.

Efficient operations which provide effective usage of vast amounts of structure and unstructured data. Controlled data which can have significant value and competitive advantages.


Alkimii CRM

Keep Focus on your Customer

Track all leads, status updates and email reminders and updates as to progress on closing your deals

Enables our clients to establish long-term relationships with their customers by effectively increasing conversion rates, providing comprehensive navigation and predicting how clients will interact with the product or service.


Allows you to build a strategy for the future. Manage your prospects, track your sales pipeline and keep up to date with your to-do list with Tasks and Appointments

Alkimii Events

Prioritise your customers

Calendar Centric View of your Meeting and Events Business - focus on simplicity and ease of use 

Track all communication and event requirements in one view - create all Function Sheets and Contracts for Events 

All your clients in one place linking directly to your Events Calendar. Monitor your Events revenue with Alkimii Reports


Alkimii Logbooks

Improved Communication 

Great Opportunity to standardise and have “live view” of non transactional data.Remove all the paper and emails, word files, excel sheets


Incident Reporting, Checklists, Visitor Log, Appointments and Tasks 

Consolidates all meetings, tasks and communication in the hotel link to staff profiles and KPIs - develops weekly and monthly performance reports


For more information or to see a demonstration of any Alkimii application, please complete the form, specifying your area of interest.

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