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Managing Incidents



Maintenance Module

Operations Forms

Incident Reports

Online incident reports for Employee and Public Incidents and Accidents in your Business
Effectively Manage the workflow - ensure you have all the data you need - upload images and video content
Notify Key People and involve your advisors and insurers at the right time

Shift Notes

Effective Communication is essential in any workplace but some believe it is the most important quality in the hospitality industry

Shift Notes is a secret weapon for any Hospitality Manager, they no longer need to make calls or relay messages through email to various departments and spend time for meeting to exchange information and make plans - everything is right here in Shift Notes

Preventative Maintenance

A Stich in Time Saves Nine

Prepare your business for a more strategic approach to capital investment

See trends in wear and tear from recent upgrades

Avoid unnecessary capex costs

Preventative Maintenance not only prevents equipment breakdowns and inconvenience to guests bit also helps reduce maintenance costs

Reactive Maintenance Coming Soon - Q4 2020

Coming Soon

Logbooks Custom Forms


Ensure what your team needs to do gets done

Loan Book

What was loaned to who and when
Who is responsible for getting it back

Visitor Logs

Track your authorised visitors

Print visitor badges

Track management keys and when they were returned