Alkimii Team

People Management Applications for your people


HR Database

Real Time Roster Costs

HR Compliance Dashboards

Empower your HODs with Transparent Reporting


Simple Configurable Drag and Drop Rostering to speed up the process that no one loves!

Real Time Payroll % Data with forecasting and budget comaprisions as you schedule your team 

HR Database

Your Peoples Digital Home

All Employee Data, Documents and digital records in one secure place

Compliance, actionable

insights and


at a touch.

Holiday Management

See who is on leave and when
Employee Holiday, Public Holiday and Time Owed Balances in Real Time

Compliance Dashboard

HR compliance review at a glance

HOD Dashboard

Key metrics for your department on one page

Payroll Integration

Alkimii connects with your payroll software

Roster Costs

A live view of your roster cost

Manage your actual labour usage and cost, versus forecast and budget

Your Team  

Training Module

Manage your team training at a glance
Set your renewal dates and see what's due and when