Check Ins, Moments and Surveys

A new suite of features to enhance your workforce operations!

Designed to enhance and automate your HR operations, making communication, engagement, and insights even better.

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Check Ins, Moments, and Surveys, a suite of tools that have been developed by collaborating with HR and hospitality experts that will take your HR operations to new heights.

Check Ins

Check Ins

Our Check Ins feature helps leaders to create more engaged teams, elevates employee satisfaction, and reduces staff turnover. Through Check Ins, you gain the ability to automate and schedule vital employee Check Ins using adaptable templates.

  • On-the-Go Engagement

  • Flexibility

  • Templates

  • Tailored Feedback

  • Versatile Application

  • Real-time Insights

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Staying connected with your team and celebrating important milestones has never been easier. Moments automatically keeps you updated on your team's key dates, such as new starters, work anniversaries, and birthdays. You also have the ability to create your own significant dates, all to ensure your team feels recognised and cared for.

  • Dedicated Page
  • Personalised Celebrations
  • Default Moments
  • Effortless Reminders
  • Flexible Scheduling

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Surveys open the door to discovering crucial insights that can transform your organisation. Gain fresh perspectives, address challenges, and streamline data management within a unified platform. With Surveys, you have the flexibility to send tailored forms to your entire team, all accessible on mobile and desktop devices. 

  • Enhanced Insight

  • Streamlined Data Management

  • Mobile Accessibility

  • Customisable Forms

  • Visualised Data

  • Downloadable Responses

  • Unlimited Surveys
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Check Ins

Where Communication Meets Success!


On-the-Go Engagement

Your team will receive notifications on their mobile phones, enabling them to provide feedback and engage with Check Ins without the need for a desktop. 



Managers can effortlessly update core competencies, ensuring alignment between employees' skills and organisational objectives.



Choose from a set of pre-made templates or create your own, saving time and ensuring consistency. 


Tailored Feedback

Our Check Ins are divided into three areas: questions, goals, and core competencies. This ensures that both the employee and the appraiser can focus on and answer only the relevant sections.


Versatile Application

Accommodate assessments such as one-to-one meetings, performance appraisals, probation reviews, and well-being assessments.


Real-time Insights

Stay ahead of the HR curve with a live report that comprehensively views scheduled, completed, and pending Check Ins. Make well-informed decisions regarding your team's development and well-being.



Capture All Moments, Celebrate Each Milestone!


Moments Page

Access to a dedicated desktop and mobile page makes it easy to share important moments on the newsfeed. Spread joy and recognition within your team effortlessly.

Personalised Celebrations

Choose how you want to acknowledge Moments. Share them on the newsfeed to foster a sense of community, or send a private message for a more private approach.

Default Moments

Our pre-configured moments streamline your journey, ensuring you're well-prepared to celebrate your team's most noteworthy achievements, all based on the information already available in their profiles.

Effortless Reminders

Stay in the loop with automated updates on all dates that matter to you. Never miss crucial Moments.


Flexible Scheduling

Tailor reminders to your unique preferences, whether you want to remember events monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annually. Moments adapts to your needs.


The Key to Unlocking Your Team Perspectives!


Enhanced Insight

Gain a deeper understanding of your organisation by collecting valuable employee feedback. 


Streamlined Data Management

Keep all your survey data neatly organised within Alkimii, eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple platforms or tools. 


Mobile Accessibility

Send surveys to your team members, who can quickly respond using their mobile devices.


Customisable Forms

Tailor your surveys to your specific needs with fully customisable forms; choose from ten pre-set question types, such as short answer, multiple choice, likert and NPS, to create surveys that suit your objectives.


Visualised Data

Charts and graphs make visualising and interpreting survey responses simple, providing clear insights at a glance. Our automated NPS calculations add a valuable dimension to your understanding.


Downloadable Responses

Export data to Excel or other formats for in-depth examination and reporting.

Check Ins, Moments and Surveys

A new suite of features to enhance your workforce operations!

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