Workforce Management

Employee Database

Streamline your HR data management 

Alkimii People streamlines your HR data management, automating tasks to focus more on your team. It's about making operations smoother and decision-making smarter, all while keeping your data secure.


Employee Profiles

Create a single source for all employee details— from visa status and contracts to their job history. This makes managing your team and planning for their growth straightforward and efficient.


  • Effortless Data Storage: Store crucial employee
    information such as names, nationalities, visa details, and
    contract specifics.
  • Team Structure: Manage direct reports, track
    disciplinary actions, and facilitate promotions seamlessly.

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Pay Rates

Handle different pay rates with ease, from regular to special rates like holiday or night shifts. This ensures everyone gets paid fairly while keeping the process simple for you.

  • Rate Control: Effortlessly manage all your pay rates 
  • Rate Flexibility: Set supervisor, sunday and
    night rates, reducing administrative burden

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HR Packs

Organise essential documents and streamline HR processes with HR Packs. From onboarding to promotions, keep all necessary paperwork in one spot, ensuring everything is up to date and compliant.


  • Document Centralisation:  Keep all crucial documents in one accessible location
  • Ensure Compliance: Track document reviews and signatures to keep up with compliance, giving you peace of mind

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Dashboards & Widgets

Get a clear picture of your HR landscape with dynamic dashboards. View important metrics like employees composition, compliance rates, and turnover, all updated in real time. Also, with our Alkimii widgets, you get a tailored overview of your HR operations at a glance.


  • Instant HR Overview: See live HR metrics and insights to make informed decisions.
  • Customisable Homepage: Tailor your Alkimii homepage with widgets for a quick snapshot of the most relevant HR information.

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Learn more about Workforce Management

Alkimii integrates HR management and financial forecasting into one cloud-based solution. Everything you need joined up, in one place.

Employee Onbarding

Seamless Onboarding, Empowered HR.


Payroll Prediction

Efficient payroll and people management.



Effortless Scheduling, Exceptional Management.


Leave Management

Time off made it easy.


Time & Attendance

Effortless Scheduling, Exceptional Management.


Employee Engagement

A suite of features to enhance your workforce operations!


Team Communication

Cultivating Productivity and Nurturing Culture


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