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Because we understand the unique needs of hospitality, and the constant mobility of your teams, our system is thoughtfully crafted with a mobile-first approach.


Mobile Convenience 

With our everyday-use app, your team can effortlessly engage in instant communication while ensuring data compliance. Clocking in and out, requesting leave, and checking rosters become seamless tasks. And that's not all – they can efficiently complete surveys, checklists, shift notes, and add more - all on the go. Our app is designed to be an integral part of your team's daily routine, enhancing their efficiency and productivity.

  • Instant communication with data compliance
  • Clock in/out, request leave, and check rosters effortlessly
  • Complete surveys, assessments, maintenance tasks and checklists

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Managerial Control

Beyond all Alkimii’s features, our system is also designed to simplify managerial tasks, making activities such as celebrating employee moments, approving leave requests, and sending news updates easier. This ensures that managers are always engaged with their teams, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.


  • Seamless communication through group or individual chats
  • News updates, leave request approvals and share moments

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