Workforce Management

Time and Attendance

Simplify Your Team's Time Tracking

Transform how you manage time and attendance with tools that enhance accuracy and ensure everyone stays on the same page. Our easy-to-use system helps you accurately record team hours and maintain flawless attendance records.

Time and Attendance Solutions

Revolutionise your time-tracking processes with cutting-edge solutions designed to ensure accuracy and compliance. Alkimii offers seamless clock-in/out features, biometric authentication, and automated break management, empowering you to effortlessly manage attendance records and stay ahead of regulatory requirements.


Easy Clock-In/Out

Make time tracking simple. Employees can clock in and out using facial recognition on tablets or their phones, offering unmatched flexibility for managing schedules.

  • Effortless Time Tracking:  Enjoy a hassle-free way to track working hours
  • User-Friendly: Our system makes recording time straightforward and simple

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Biometric and Geolocated Clock

Elevate security and accuracy with facial recognition and location checks, ensuring employees clock in only where they should.


  • Enhanced Security: Prevent unauthorised clock-insouts with biometric and geolocation features
  • Location Tracking: Verify employees' locations 

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Time Compliance

Ensure your organisation stays compliant with employment laws and regulations by effectively. Easily manage sick pay, absences, and maximum allowable weekly work hours

  • Stay Compliant: Easily protect your business by adhering to employment laws
  • Accurate Reporting: Generate precise reports on lateness, sick pay and other data


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Break Times

Automate and customise break times for diverse contracts, ensuring compliance and consistency in recording and managing breaks.


  • Custom Settings: Tailor break rules to fit various contract types
  • Automated Deductions: Automatically apply break deductions
  • Break Records:  Ensure that you maintain legal compliance for break records


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Rostering Dashboard

Quickly spot discrepancies in clock-in and clock-out times, including late or early shifts with Alkimii's dedicated dashboard.


  • Proactive Monitoring: Quickly identify and correct shift discrepancies

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