Workforce Management

Employee Onboarding

Seamless Onboarding, Empowered HR

Simplify your onboarding process with our automated features, granting HR managers valuable hours to focus on essential tasks. Our paperless onboarding system ensures a seamless experience for new team members, enabling them to complete the onboarding process using their desktop or mobile app. Bid farewell to manual paperwork as our system efficiently handles documentation, packs, and compliance requirements.

Contract Automation

Wave goodbye to manual contract creation. Our system automates the process by generating contracts based on the information stored within the system.
  • Efficient contract creation based on job type and department
  • Save time and ensure accuracy in the onboarding process

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Legal Requirements

Ensure compliance effortlessly. Our system prompts employees for necessary documents such as visas based on their details, securely saving all documents within their profile.  
  • Streamline compliance by requesting and storing required documents
  • Simplify the management of legal requirements for each employee

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Assign Packs

Communicate company policies seamlessly. Share policies and handbooks with new employees, assigning specific documents to job types—all automated within our system. Request signatures and employee IDs directly through the platform.
  • Automated distribution of company policies and handbooks
  • Efficiently manage document assignment and collection of signatures

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Seamless Onboarding, Empowered HR. 

Experience a streamlined onboarding journey that enhances efficiency and compliance, allowing your HR team to focus on what matters most.

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Alkimii integrates HR management and financial forecasting into one cloud-based solution. Everything you need joined up, in one place.

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