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Leave Management

Time off made it easy

Alkimii makes managing leave straightforward for both managers and employees. With easy-to-submit requests and quick approvals, our platform smooths out the whole process, ensuring it's efficient and stress-free.


Automatic Leave Calculation

Let Alkimii take care of tracking leave with automatic updates and precise calculations. This means less paperwork, fewer mistakes, and up-to-date insights into team availability.

  • Automatic Updates: Leave balances are calculated automatically, reducing errors and keeping everything compliant and accurate
  • Stay Compliant: Our system makes sure leave management meets all legal requirements, offering a reliable and accurate way to handle time off

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Mobile and Desktop Leave Approval

Whether on mobile or desktop, approving leave is quick and easy, ensuring no delays. With Alkimii, staying on top of leave requests and keeping things moving is hassle-free.


  • On-the-Go Approvals: A Easily approve leave requests from any device
  • Information at Your Fingertips: Get all the info you need to make quick decisions, wherever you are

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Calendar Visualisation

Our leave calendar makes it easy to see who's off and when, helping with planning and keeping the team coordinated.


  • Easy Planning: See all leave requests at a glance on our visual calendar, making scheduling simpler
  • Quick Insights: Use the colour-coded system to instantly understand different types of leave

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Mobile Leave Requests

Your team can easily submit leave requests from a mobile phone, enhancing the experience for employees and ensuring a clear and straightforward process.


  • Simple to Use: Employees can request time off right from their phones, making the process straightforward and user-friendly
  • Clear Process: With the ability to view available leave, choose types of leave, and add notes, the whole process is transparent and easy for employees

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