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Team Communication & Productivity

Cultivating Productivity and Nurturing Culture

Effortlessly enhance team communication, collaboration, and productivity with Alkimiii, ensuring a seamless flow of information and elevated efficiency.

Time and Attendance Solutions

Boost team productivity with Alkimii's comprehensive employee communications tools. From secure communication channels to dynamic newsfeeds and task management, Alkimii ensures your team stays connected, informed, and motivated to achieve their goals.

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Secure communication is guaranteed with Alkimii Chat, ensuring data integrity and effortless user management. All the while, your team stays seamlessly connected on the go.
  • Secure Communication: Alkimii's GDPR-compliant chat ensures data security and compliance. Leavers are automatically removed from your team chat.
  • Accessibility: Stay connected on chat and desktop, keeping your team well-informed on the go.
  • Group Dynamics: Simplify communication by creating custom groups, ensuring efficient interaction with specific team members within their own departments and across departments.
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Make sure your team stay engaged and informed with our dynamic newsfeed, recognising achievements and sharing insights in real-time.      

  • Engage Your Team: Recognise their achievements, re-enforce your company culture, share insights, and maintain team engagement through a dynamic newsfeed.
  • Real-Time Updates: Ensure your team stays informed with relevant company  and customer updates, get everyone on the same page.

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My Tasks

Effortlessly manage tasks with our intuitive interface, whether on mobile or desktop. Prioritise and assign tasks, enhancing team efficiency and ultimately ensuring that your team achieves its goals with clarity and focus.

  • Effortless Task Management: Seamlessly add and manage tasks using Kanban or table-style interfaces on both mobile and desktop.
  • Prioritise and Assign: Enhance productivity by assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and establishing priorities.

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Keep your team informed with on-the-go updates on relevant appointments. Seamlessly plan meetings with added agendas and tasks, enhancing team awareness and streamlining meeting preparation for improved efficiency, making every appointment a catalyst for productivity.

  • Stay Informed: Keep the team informed of relevant appointments, regardless of their location.
  • Meeting Management: Add agendas for each appointment and enhance productivity by setting tasks during meetings to ensure nothing is overlooked.

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Alkimii integrates HR management and financial forecasting into one cloud-based solution. Everything you need joined up, in one place.

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