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Maintenance Excellence, One Task at a Time!
Our Maintenance tool empowers users to monitor and control maintenance tasks across all property locations, with visual categorisation for quick issue identification. With Maintenance, you will have an easy-to-use feature to ensure a more proactive, efficient, and collaborative approach to property management.
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Proactive Maintenance

Enhance your maintenance strategy with proactive checklists. Assign checklists to your team, covering all areas, and utilise pre-made templates based on researched best practices. With Alkimii, it is easier to engage in proactive measures to cultivate exceptional guest satisfaction.

  • Act proactively to prevent potential issues
  • Quickly assess maintenance status with visual categorisation
  • Identify areas needing attention or awaiting review easily

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Reactive Maintenance

Empower your team with real-time maintenance tasks logging via their phones. Capture location, set priority, identify responsible parties, set due dates, and add multimedia attachments. Ensure nothing is overlooked and facilitate seamless communication.  
  • Log maintenance tasks in real-time via mobile phones
  • Facilitate seamless communication for task resolution


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Site Dashboard

Gain a comprehensive view of maintenance across your sites. Track all maintenace tasks and manage trends effectively.  
  • Track maintenance tasks across sites
  • Benchmark your property and manage trends efficiently

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With the Compliance, Maintenance, and Communication modules, Alkimii Property seamlessly handles all your Checklists, proactive and reactive Maintenance, reduces risk while ensuring Compliance, and fosters efficient Communication.

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