Operations Management


Manage Risk and Ensure Proactivity


Covering adaptable task management and leveraging pre-made templates rooted in best practices, Alkimii Checklists ensures efficient and accurate processes. Use NFC tags for improved physical checks, automated logging, and instant verification, strengthening risk management. Access real-time updates and a detailed history for transparency and continuous improvement, empowering your team.


Adaptable and Accessible

Efficiently adapt checklists to your operational needs, covering tasks from daily to annual, with accessibility on both desktop and the app for seamless task completion on the go.

  • Task Coverage: Adapt checklists to your needs, covering daily to annual tasks like fire walks and public spaces cleanliness.
  • Desktop and App Access: Efficiently complete tasks on the go with accessibility on both desktop and mobile app.

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NFC Tags

Elevate your physical checks with the convenience of NFC tags. With a straightforward tap using our Alkimii Mobile App, effortlessly confirm and log information. This not only boosts the efficiency of your processes but also guarantees the authenticity of each task, ensuring comprehensive and compliant monitoring.


  • Enhanced Physical Checks: Guarantee thorough checks and monitor completion with NFC tags.
  • Ensure Task Authenticity: Enhance the authenticity of completed tasks by utilising NFC tags for verification.

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Pre-Made Templates

Our templates serve as a quick start to get you up and running swiftly with your Checklists. They provide a foundation that you can easily customise to suit the specific needs of your site. By integrating industry best practices seamlessly into your team's workflow, our pre-made templates save time and ensure that your Checklist creation is efficient and aligned with industry standards.


  • Best Practices: Seamlessly integrate industry best practices into your workflow.
  • Task Efficiency: Save time with pre-made templates designed for common industry tasks, ensuring efficient checklist creation.

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Real-Time Updates and Checklist History

Gain valuable insights through real-time updates and a comprehensive checklist history, featuring an audit trail for transparency and accountability – showing you who did it and when, as well as the identification of historical performance trends for continuous improvement initiatives.


  • Insights and Analysis: Gain real-time insights through a comprehensive checklist history, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Audit Trail: Access an audit trail of checklist modifications and approvals, ensuring transparency and accountability.

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With the Compliance, Maintenance, and Communication modules, Alkimii Property seamlessly handles all your Checklists, proactive and reactive Maintenance, reduces risk while ensuring Compliance, and fosters efficient Communication.

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