Alkimii Property

Your solution for revolutionising property management: Compliance, Maintenance, and Communication—all in one. Reduce risk, ensure precision Checklists, and streamline operations. 

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How Alkimii can help
your business

Alkimii revolutionises your operations with streamlined paperless workflows, team collaboration tools and live 360º data views, across your property and portfolio.


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We understand the challenges you face

Effectively managing property operations, ensuring customer satisfaction, and mitigating risk is not easy. That’s why we created Alkimii Property.


Property Management
Simplify day-to-day tasks with instant messaging and real-time task tracking for effective team communication.


Routine Maintenance
Streamline maintenance by reporting issues instantly via mobile, planning proactive tasks, and tracking progress, ensuring a productive team.


Manage Risk
Standardise incident reporting, utilise NFC tags, and timestamped checklists for a secure environment and proactive issue resolution.

Alkimii Property Solutions

Simplify daily tasks, maintenance and risk management with Alkimii Property. Crafted for hospitality managers and their teams, our system facilitates real-time communication and progress tracking, reducing manual efforts.

Swiftly report maintenance issues, act proactively, and ensure compliance and risk management. Alkimii Property streamlines processes for a safer and more efficient operational environment. 

  1. Checklists and NFC Tags
  2. Incident Reporting  
  3. Maintenance  
  4. Shift Notes 
  5.  Communication


  • Customisable NFC Checklists and Tags
  • Instant messaging for all
  • Seamless & consistent shift handovers
  • Automate, streamline & prioritise tasks
  • Daily email digests
  • 360º dashboard, single source of data

Manage property operations with 360º live dashboards and instant communication.

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  • Easy to manage preventative maintenance checks
  • Instantly log all reactive maintenance issues on your mobile
  • Share photos and comments and assign tasks to the team
  • Live monitoring and progress reporting
  • Single, secure platform to share data
  • Get a clear, detailed view of your property in real-time

Identify, prioritise and assign maintenance issues on one shared platform.

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  • Simple, easy, and consistent Incident reporting
  • Identify trends to take action and mitigate risks
  • Option to auto notify your insurer
  • Prove compliance with time-stamped NFC tags
  • An effective system to drive Fire / Health & Safety compliance
  • Powerful reporting capability - via property or portfolio

Minimise risk and liability with time-stamped data and proven compliance.

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Why Alkimii Property?

What our customers say

I would highly recommend Alkimii. We Have been using Alkimii for 3 years now and its a great tool for HR, Management and staff. Great support from all the Team and they are always improving their system and bringing in new features to suit individual needs and requirements. Staff are very accommodating, efficient and helpful.

- Malini Deepchand

I have been using Alkimii for several months now and have found application extremely easy to use and understand. In addition to this any issues that I have had have been dealt with quickly and efficiently by the support team.


- Arron Gallagher

One of the best payroll/ roster/ handover/ reporting/ forecasting companies in the market. Worked with good few previously, but Alkimii is outstanding of them all. Amazing customer service. Always helpful. Prompt response-I mean within minutes. Absolute pleasure contacting Katie, Niamh W, Niamh E, Gary White and all the team. Couldn't be more helpful. Thank you for your assistance! Pleasure as always.

- Madi Na

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