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The Impact of Check Ins on Employee Retention in the Hospitality Sector

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Your team constitutes your company's most valuable resource. When you invest in their growth, happiness, and job satisfaction, you pave the way for a prosperous future. 

However, achieving this in the challenging hospitality industry, where employee turnover rates are high, can be a formidable task. If you're grappling with employee retention issues, you're certainly not alone. Across the United Kingdom, hospitality firms are contending with a severe employee shortage and exceptionally high turnover rates. Recent statistics from UKHospitality reveal an employee turnover rate of 30% for the sector, which is double the national average. Additionally, nine out of ten hospitality employers anticipate facing staffing shortages in the near future. These are indeed challenging times. 

 It's evident that we must prioritise employee retention strategies, and this responsibility extends beyond HR; it's a leadership commitment. The key to successful employee retention lies in creating a workplace where employees are eager to come to work every day. Such a company culture is built from the top down, fostering a culture of loyalty is an investment that yields substantial dividends over time. 


Why Choose Check Ins? 

 When searching for an effective retention strategy, consider the value of employee Check Ins. Effective communication forms the core of employee engagement. If your managers and employees lack a structured communication approach and only meet formally once a year for appraisals, you're missing a valuable opportunity. Regular employee Check Ins can yield remarkable results when handled appropriately. 

 In recent years, the preference for regular Check Ins over annual performance appraisals has gained significant traction among employees. According to a survey shared by HR Drive, a striking 84% of workers expressed the importance of regular Check Ins with their managers. This sentiment was particularly pronounced among younger employees, with a whopping 90% of Gen Zers emphasising the significance of face-to-face meetings with their managers, with 40% describing them as "very important." The study revealed varied frequencies of Check Ins, with one-third of respondents meeting monthly, 12% meeting bi-weekly, and surprisingly, 12% never meeting with their managers at all.  

 Large organisations were more inclined to have regular Check Ins than their midsize or small counterparts. Notably, the study found that 36% of respondents still undergo annual reviews, signifying a prevailing reliance on traditional performance appraisal methods. However, proponents of regular Check Ins argue that these more frequent interactions should concentrate on goal setting, constructive feedback, and ongoing support, fostering a positive and growth-oriented culture within the workplace. This shift away from infrequent, retrospective evaluations towards continuous dialogue reflects the evolving needs of today's workforce, emphasising the importance of employees' professional development and well-being. 

 So, what exactly is an employee check-in, and how does it differ from a performance review? Check Ins are informal, regular meetings or catch-ups that allow managers to monitor well-being, assess performance, and set goals. They aren't meant to delve into annual targets but rather to ensure that employees are content, healthy, and equipped to handle their job responsibilities. This approach also allows managers to effectively keep employees on track, resulting in fewer issues in the future and reducing the need for formal correction and intervention. It revolves around fostering relationships with your team through consistent, open communication. Frequency is the key! 

 However, finding time for regular catch-ups can be challenging in the fast-paced world of hospitality. This is where people management software comes into play, enabling you to schedule Check Ins with your entire team. This ensures that you are always in tune with the overall mood of the company. You'll gain insights into everyone's thoughts, identify pressure points, and address issues before they escalate. This streamlines the process of arranging meetings and refocuses your attention on what matters most: your people. 


 Check Ins: 10 Ways They Foster Employee Loyalty 

 Regular Check Ins are pivotal in nurturing employee loyalty and enhancing engagement levels. They help cultivate a positive, supportive company culture that ensures employees feel valued, appreciated, and capable of delivering their best work. 


1. Encouraging Open Communication: Check Ins establish a platform for open and honest communication, fostering a two-way channel between employees and managers to discuss concerns, ideas, and aspirations. 


2. Building an Emotional Connection: Consistent, meaningful communication ensures that employees can see that their managers are genuinely concerned about their well-being rather than just as paid workers. Check Ins create a sense of belonging and attachment to the company. 


3. Recognising Employee Efforts: Often, hard work goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Scheduled Check Ins ensure that this doesn't happen, providing a platform for managers to acknowledge and value employee contributions. 


4. Providing Feedback: Never underestimate the power of feedback, both positive and constructive. It demonstrates your commitment to your employees' long-term professional growth. 


5. Rewarding Outstanding Performance: Check Ins facilitate compensation, bonuses, and promotion discussions. When employees see a direct link between their performance and rewards, loyalty substantially boosts. 


6. Fostering Career Development: Offering a clear path for growth within the company is one of the most effective ways to improve employee engagement. Check Ins help define career goals and identify opportunities for advancement. 


7. Goal Setting and Core Competencies: Check Ins allow you to define clear performance objectives and core competencies, providing a sense of purpose and direction while tracking progress along the career journey. 


8. Enhancing Job Satisfaction: When employees have the chance to voice concerns about their work environment, training needs, and advancement opportunities, they become more productive, satisfied, and fulfilled in their roles. 


9. Assisting with Conflict Resolution: Identifying and addressing brewing conflicts early on is crucial. Check Ins provide an opportunity for employees to express concerns, giving you the chance to resolve issues before they escalate. 


10. Ensuring Talent Retention: Check Ins reassure employees that they are valued and supported in their roles. When employees feel that their company stands by and invests in them, they are less likely to seek opportunities elsewhere. 


If you aim to reduce turnover rates and retain your top talent, regular, scheduled Check Ins are the solution. They cultivate loyalty by promoting open communication, recognition, and career development. Importantly, this should not be a 'nice-to-have' idea lingering on your to-do list. Employee retention begins the day you hire someone, so make Check Ins an integral part of your company culture, and you'll have motivated and loyal employees from day one. 


About Alkimii Check Ins  

 Alkimii Check Ins is included in our latest suite of workforce features and helps leaders to create more engaged teams, elevates employee satisfaction, and reduces staff turnover. Through Check Ins, you gain the ability to automate and schedule vital employee Check Ins using adaptable templates. 

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Benefits of Check Ins: 

  • On-the-Go Engagement: Your team will receive notifications on their mobile phones, enabling them to provide feedback and engage with Check Ins without the need for a desktop.  
  • Flexibility: Managers can effortlessly update core competencies, ensuring alignment between employees' skills and organisational objectives. 
  • Templates:  Choose from a set of pre-made templates or create your own, saving time and ensuring consistency.  
  • Tailored Feedback: Our Check Ins are divided into three areas: questions, goals, and core competencies. This ensures that both the employee and the appraiser can focus on and answer only the relevant sections. 
  • Versatile Application: Accommodate assessments such as one-to-one meetings, performance appraisals, probation reviews, and well-being assessments.  
  • Real-time Insights: Stay ahead of the HR curve with a live report that comprehensively views scheduled, completed, and pending Check Ins. Make well-informed decisions regarding your team's development and well-being. 

Learn more about Alkimii Check Ins 

  Alkimii People has Check Ins and much more! For a comprehensive HR solution, our software not only handles informal Check Ins but also formal appraisals, performance reviews, and probation reviews, keeping all your HR data conveniently in one place. 



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